Irrigation and Water Management for Agriculture

Course summary:

The course develops participants’ skills and knowledge in the following ways:

    • Designing and managing small scale irrigation and water harvesting projects integration watershed management and planning
    • Political and organisational challenges to developing and managing water resource management understanding current soil and water conservation and conservation agriculture best practice approaches such as:
      • enhancing soil water retention and availability as well as soil fertility
      • Small scale mechanisation and tillage equipment: zero tillage
      • Micro-dosing
      • Residue retention
      • Weed control
    • Design principles of water harvesting systems
    • Selecting water harvesting techniques suitable for small holder Irrigation
    • Irrigation scheduling to match crop water requirements and soils
    • Implementing irrigation systems best suited to small scale farmer needs
    • Practical water spreading and contour furrowing training
    • Reducing evaporation losses and optimising the use of soil moisture.
    • Broader leadership and organisational management competencies to include project management, implementing change and public speaking
    • Addressing cross-cutting development issues (gender equity, inclusive development, ethics, transparency)

    Inputs from industry to highlight/demonstrate contemporary industry environments/ processes and share knowledge are a valuable element of this short course.

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