Local Economic and Social Development in Extractives

Course summary

The course develops participants’ skills and knowledge in the following ways:

  • Global context and international standards
  • Legislative context
  • Social responsibility in mining
  • Community engagement
  • Leveraging local economic and social development from the extractives sector
  • Collaborative local planning
  • Coordination methods include community infrastructure planning, coordination and development
  • Local-level governance mechanisms
  • Establishing meaningful stakeholder engagement processes (including separate processes for women)
  • The development and implementation of policies on integrating local economics into extractives taking into consideration shared value principles.
  • Mine planning to reduce impact
  • Social and environmental impact assessments (community participation and disclosure) – including gender impact assessment and human rights impact assessment / due diligence
  • Successful Africa case studies showcasing collaboration between stakeholders
  • Broader leadership and organisational management competencies to include project management, implementing change and public speaking
  • Addressing cross cutting development issues (gender equity, inclusive development, ethics, transparency)
  • Inputs from industry to highlight/demonstrate contemporary industry environments/ processes and share knowledge are a valuable element of this short course.

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