Mineral and Energy Economics

Course summary

The course develops participants’ skills and knowledge in the following ways:

  • Revision of applicants understanding of economics, mineral economics and mineral supply processes
  • Understanding and evaluating economic and financial models and trends that affect the minerals and energy sector including commodity markets and marketing;
  • Role of debt, equity and joint ventures in the mineral and energy sectors;
  • Analysis of risks (including project risks, resource and reserve risks, mining method risk, milling risks)and incorporating evidenced based solutions
  • Assessment of appropriate database sources and evaluation of information from these and other sources to make valid and supported judgments about issues
  • Understanding and managing the regulation of transfer pricing in the mining sector
  • Develop skills in communication to allow decision making and recognise the different approaches needed to communicate with different audiences
  • Broader leadership and organisational management competencies to include project management, implementing change and public speaking
  • Addressing cross cutting development issues (gender equity, inclusive development, ethics, transparency)

Inputs from industry to highlight/demonstrate contemporary industry environments/ processes and share knowledge are a valuable element of this short course.

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