Palladium has been contracted by the Australian Government to provide administrative and logistical management for all aspects of the Australia Awards program in Africa. Palladium maintains an Australia Awards program office in South Africa and in Kenya. Palladium’s role in the Australia Awards includes the following:

  • Conduct the targeted promotion of Australia Awards opportunities in Africa to attract sufficient, eligible and high-quality candidates to meet the objective of the program
  • Manage the award application process, including to receive, record and manage Australia Awards applications
  • In consultation with the DFAT, to shortlist, rank and select high-quality candidates who are able to achieve the proposed Australian postgraduate qualification within the minimum time required.
  • Secure placement for scholars in an Australian course appropriate to their needs and to the identified needs of the partner country’s development
  • Provide administrative support to scholars, including assistance with entry visas, flight bookings and managing changes in Award status
  • Provide on-Award support for Awardees while they are pursuing their studies in Australia, in particular work plan development and enrichment activities
  • Liaise with and support graduates after they return to their home country following the completion of their studies, arrange Alumni networking and professional development events, and collect data and stories of Alumni contributions to the development challenges highlighted in their work plans
  • Organise Australia Awards promotions, highlight Alumni impact stories, engage in institution-to-institution linkages and raise the profile of the Australian Government’s commitment to developing the capacity and leadership skills of Africans to enable them to contribute effectively to development in their home countries

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