Alumna contributes to achieving Tanzania’s agriculture vision

“The experience, skills and knowledge I gained at the University of Queensland have to be acknowledged. They have had a great impact on fulfilling the vision, mission and finally the goals of my organisation,” says Alumna Marystella Basil Mtalo, who completed a Masters in Rural Systems Management at the University of Queensland in 2005.

Agriculture is a leading sector in Tanzania, employing about 80% of the workforce. Upon returning from the award, Marystella wasted no time in applying the skills and knowledge she had gained in Australia in her work at the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives, where she has served as Principal Agriculture Officer since 1989.

“After returning from my studies, I have been involved in various activities in the Crop Monitoring and Early Warning section, analysing a number of policies, including agriculture and livestock, national food security, as well as integrating them with other sectoral policies involving other ministries, which are all geared towards increased agriculture production, livelihood and food security in a sustainable manner for the people of Tanzania,” she said.

She notes that her studies in Australia also complemented the government’s efforts to build the capacity of its employees and, in so doing, to enhance the capacity of the Department in dealing with the complex issues of food and nutrition security. Marystella has proactively transferred skills to her work colleagues, while encouraging them to work as a team and maintain transparency.

“We are doing very well in our Department, supporting one another in every aspect. The Australian Government deserves a big thumbs up for supporting developing countries,” she concluded.

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