Reintegration planning is an important component of the Australia Awards program. Through each significant stage of the scholarship, emphasis will be made on Reintegration Planning and the Reintegration Action Plan (RAP). Scholars will be required to complete a RAP as part of their award and will be required to update the RAP at regular intervals during and after their scholarship.

Reintegration Action Plan

Scholars will discuss their RAP ideas and planning at the stay connected and reintegration workshops offered during their studies. The second component of the RAP is Post-Award Reflection, which is to be completed 12 months after graduation. The information from the RAP will also be used for program monitoring and evaluation purposes, so it is essential that scholars review their plan periodically on their return, record progress against objectives, identify successes and highlight any unanticipated challenges.  Scholars will be expected to update their RAPs based on the following:

  • Module 1 – Pre-mobilisation
  • Module 2 – Arrival in Australia
  • Module 3 – On-Award reflection
  • Module 4 – Reintegration workshops
  • Module 5 – Alumni

Short Course Awards participants follow a shorter process, with a shorter RAP.

Reintegration workshops and events

Through their entire study period, Australia Awards scholars are periodically invited to attend one or more reintegration event/workshop in a nearby capital city. These events consolidate thinking around the RAP and its implementation, develop their personal and soft skills, and provide opportunities to discuss ideas and learn from other scholars. Before attending any workshop, scholars will be requested to complete certain modules of their RAP.

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