Through mentoring, alumni can invest in the program by supporting and enabling the success of scholars or freshly returned alumni.  Mentors can contribute to the quality of scholars’ reintegration by assisting them with advice and tips on approaching their reintegration phase. In addition, mentoring has the potential to contribute to the success of scholars’ studies and the implementation of their Reintegration Action Plans (RAPs). 

Mentoring is an excellent way for alumni and senior scholars to pay it forward to the next generation Australia Awards alumni by becoming volunteers who assist, mentor, guide and coach fellow scholars and alumni.  

Mentoring is particularly beneficial in providing best practices and personal guidance to female scholars, to introduce scholars to peers in similar sectors and to potential collaboration in career groups or Communities of Practice (COPs). 

For more information, access the current mentoring guidelines here.   

To become a mentor or mentee, register here, and submit a signed copy of the Code of Conduct to us. 

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