Pre-departure Support

It is compulsory for Australia Awards scholars to participate in a pre-departure briefing. The Australian Government and Palladium are responsible for providing the briefing. It is normally delivered across several locations in Africa prior to the scholars’ departure for Australia. 

Pre-departure briefings provide essential information that scholars need upon arrival in Australia, such as advice about living and studying in Australia. The briefing aims to help scholars to quickly settle in once they are in Australia and at the institution, so that they can complete their studies within the duration of the award. 

The briefings also remind scholars of their scholarship obligations, including the requirement that they leave Australia and return to their home country for a minimum period of two years after completing the Scholarship. 

Australia Awards covers the costs for scholars to attend the pre-departure briefings. Family members of scholars, especially those who expect to accompany them to Australia, are also encouraged to participate in the briefing at their own cost. 

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