Post-Doctoral Fellowships

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

In 2017, the Australia Awards – Africa program launched the pilot phase for a number of Post-Doctoral Fellowships in partnership with the Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN), with a view to scaling up and offering post-docs to other selected countries in future. The pilot was initially open to eligible applicants affiliated to South African universities that are members of the AAUN.

For 2018, the second phase of the pilot will be open to eligible applicants affiliated with Ghanaian, Kenyan or South African universities that are members of the AAUN.

During the pilot phase, the Post-Doctoral Fellowship provides financial support for African academics affiliated with eligible Ghanaian, Kenyan and South African universities and engaged in research activity. The length of the Fellowship will be up to two years, comprising research components in both Australia and Ghana, Kenya or South Africa, but limited to 12 months in Australia. The Australian component of the award will be fully funded by the Australia Awards – Africa Program.

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