Macroeconomic Management in Resources Rich Countries

Note: This course will be delivered entirely in Mauritius

Course summary

The course develops participants’ skills and knowledge in the following ways:

Course Elements to be Delivered by Africa Training Institute (ATI) (Week 1 and 2):

·      Commodity markets

·      Economic growth; diversification; inclusive growth and natural resources

·      Simple fiscal rules

·      Fiscal frameworks; regimes and monetary policy in resource-rich countries

·      Energy subsidy reform

·      Macroeconomic and financial policies to deal with resource flows

·      Transparency in the management of natural resource revenues

·      Sovereign wealth Fund asset allocation and risk management

Additional Course Elements to be included by the Australian academic facilitator  (Week 3):

·      Practical financial modelling exercises

·      Mining agreements and contracting

·      Gender equity and social inclusion as a cross-cutting theme

·      Embed development of Reintegration Action Plans (RAPs)

Provider may propose optional content to cover in a 4th week.

Inputs from industry to highlight/demonstrate contemporary industry environments/ processes and share knowledge are a valuable element of this short course.


·      Only additional course elements’ academic content will be delivered by the Tenderer.

Part 3 – Scope of Service in this Tender document shall be replaced by special Scope of Services Appendix 2

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