Australia Awards – Africa wins Disability-Inclusive Development Award


Australia Awards – Africa, which is responsible for awards in 50 African countries, has scooped the First Highly Commended in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) inaugural Disability-Inclusive Development Awards.

The initiative has been lauded for its innovation that is evident at all levels of the Scholarship and Fellowships process. This innovation includes a unique approach to marketing through a range of networks, establishing social networks with Alumni and candidates and a Disability Access and Equity Fund to promote participation.

“The involvement of people with disabilities is evident throughout, including the hosting of an annual roundtable. The team utilised the great work being done by the Australia Awards Office, Scholarships, Policy and Management Section in Canberra, in setting the policy framework. They also deserve recognition,” said the DFAT.

Australia Awards – Africa aims to ensure that people with a disability are given fair and equal opportunities to compete for and obtain a Scholarship. “We strongly encourage applications from Africans with disabilities and have put mechanisms in place to support applicants and scholars who require specific assistance”.

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