Small Grants Making a difference

Community Action Against Injustice (CAAI) is a Nigerian non-governmental organisation providing human rights and socio-economic support to women, children and persons with disabilities. CAAI received a grant in the amount of AUD 8,314 to strengthen the capacity of community women to generate income and contribute to the welfare of their families in Osun State, Nigeria. The project will provide vocational/entrepreneurial skills training and micro credit to 10 selected community women from three sub-urban communities within the state to establish viable income generating businesses for self-reliance and independent living. Eni Ayeni, founder and Programme Coordinator for CAAI, received a Short Course Award to study Organisational and Employee Development in 2012 at University of Queensland.

The Zambia-Australia Alumni Association (ZAAA) received a grant of AUD 6,657 to support the establishment of the association in the country. The grant will support a publicity campaign, which will include adverts in the media, radio and TV, to boost membership; the development and launch of ZAAA’s website; the design and production of publicity materials; and the official launch of the association expected to take place in October 2013. The association objectives include cementing Australia-Zambia Alumni links and supporting Awardees.

Kenyan Alumnus, Josphert Kimatu, a lecturer at South Eastern University College, was awarded a grant in the amount of AUD 4,650 to conduct research that will identify the most Aflatoxin resistant local maize varieties and be able to advice farmers as to the best maize varieties. Maize Aflatoxin defense is crucial in the overall goal of food security in the South Eastern region of Kenya where over 200 people died of Aflatoxin contamination in 2004. The research will be conducted in collaboration with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and it is expected to contribute toward food security and safety. Josphert received a Short Course Award in 2012 to study Postharvest Management of Maize, Rice and Legume at the Sydney University.

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