Maximising new public management in South Africa

Nompumelelo Radebe says studying in Australia opened her eyes to critical public sector areas in a way that she never thought possible. She completed her Masters degree in Public Administration with merit at the Sydney University in 2009. Upon returning to South Africa, Nompumelelo orchestrated an Australia-inspired career change at South Africa’s National Treasury where she took the role of Senior Budget Analyst.

“Before my studies in Australia, I had limited experience and exposure in the policy and expenditure management environments, even though I had been working for National Treasury where policy analysis and expenditure management lies at the core of what we do,” said Nompumelelo, who was an Economist prior to obtaining her Masters.

On her return, Nompumelelo moved to the Public Finance Division of National Treasury, where new public management, more specifically, outcomes-based budgeting, was being introduced. This presented an exciting opportunity for her to directly apply the knowledge and skills she had gained in Australia.

“I am presently part of a task team that has been assigned the task of facilitating and overseeing the development of a policy on one-stop border posts for South Africa,” said Nompumelelo.

The project is still a work in progress, and Nompumelelo and the team will be responsible for ensuring that the development of the policy goes through the different facets of identification, policy analysis, policy instruments, consultation, coordination, decision making, implementation and evaluation.

“I am hopeful that my direct contribution to the reforms in South Africa through National Treasury will lead to further development of my beloved country,” she added.

More recently, Nompumelelo is bridging the gap on another front by spearheading the effort to establish an Alumni Association in South Africa. She also holds grand views of joining forces with peers to work collectively on development initiatives.

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