Meet Kenya Alumni Ambassador: Dr Anne Mwangi

Kenya Alumni Ambassador: Dr Anne Mwangi

Master of Medicine STD/HIV, University of Sydney, 2010

How have your studies in Australia impacted on your organisation?

One of the electives during my Masters was on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH). This has contributed significantly to my knowledge and skills in managing the adolescent health program in Kenya.

What development issues in Africa are you most concerned about and how are you contributing to addressing these issues?

With my background training in sexually transmitted diseases (STD)/HIV, I have observed that HIV impacts greatly on the social, physical and economic development of countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. HIV has robbed families of their loved ones, livelihoods and man-hours spent away from work seeking treatment for their infections. Treatment, care and support for people living with HIV places a large economic burden on families, communities and governments. It is therefore important to put programs and strategies in place that are focused on HIV prevention.

What was your most memorable experience in Australia?

The most memorable moment in Australia was the day my family came over for a visit. It was very exciting to see my husband and the children.

Why should someone from Kenya apply for an Australia Award?

It was a great experience to study in Australia. Besides the knowledge and the skills I gained, studying in Australia has a tremendous impact on one’s world view. I would encourage as many Kenyans as possible to apply for Australia Awards.

Any questions?

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