Meet Senegal Alumni Ambassador: Samba Rokhaya

Senegal Alumni Ambassador - Samba Rokhaya

Senegal Alumni Ambassador: Samba Rokhaya

Short Course: Mining Regulation, Curtin University, 2011

How have your studies in Australia impacted on your organisation?

My current organisation is the Ministry of Industry and Mines. When I was studying in Australia, I was Chief of Division at the Direction of Mines and Geology. Now I am Director of Prospection and Mining Promotion. My studies in Australia allowed me how to build my capacities in the regulation and management of mineral resources. I learned a lot from the Australian experience and my colleagues from other countries.

What development issues in Africa are you most concerned about and how are you contributing to addressing these issues?

I am most concerned about the sustainable development of mineral resources. As the focal point of my Ministry in charge of mines, I have participated in numerous seminars at national and international levels on various aspects of the mining sector, including mining community benefits, environmental management, mining taxation and regulation, contracts negotiations and corporate social responsibility. I have also contributed to the preparation of the meetings of Ministers in charge of the development of mineral resources of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) as a member of the National Experts Groups.

What was your most memorable experience in Australia?

Visiting the Kwinana Industrial Area of Western Australia. This was an unforgettable example of industrial symbiosis.

Why should someone from Senegal apply for an Australia Award?

Regarding our mining administration, I have been the first Senegalese who experienced the training in Australia and I have monitored the participation of my colleagues because my Australian experience has been helpful in my career plan.

Any questions?

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