Meet Uganda Alumni Ambassador: Dr Edward Kanyesige

Uganda Alumni Ambassador: Dr Edward Kanyesigye

Master of Public Health, University of Adelaide, 1990

How have your studies in Australia impacted on your organisation?

I have been back from my studies for over 25 years, so the impact of what I learned began at my previous position at the Ugandan Ministry of Health, where I was the focal point for Tobacco Control. We took on the tobacco industry when many people feared to do so and registered so many gains, the latest of which was a recent Tobacco Control Bill recently passed by the Ugandan Parliament on the advice of a pressure group my forum helped to set up in the health sector.

Uganda Alumni Ambassador Dr Edward Kanyesigye with his daughter and HE John Feakes, Australian High Commissioner to Kenya and East Africa.
Uganda Alumni Ambassador, Dr Edward Kanyesigye, with his daughter and HE John Feakes, Australian High Commissioner to Kenya and East Africa. Photo supplied.

What development issues in Africa are you most concerned about and how are you contributing to addressing these issues?

My passion is quality human resources for health as a prerequisite for a functional health service in any country. I am now the Dean of a Faculty of Health Sciences and I have ensured that we initiate the training of nurses and community health workers who have a holistic approach to practice, are motivated and are ethical. Next year, we open a medical and dental school to produce doctors and dentists – with a difference!

What was your most memorable experience in Australia?

The friendly classmates, teachers and friends I made Down Under have forever remained treasurable to me.

Why should someone from Uganda apply for an Australia Award?

Australia shaped me and I trust that African professionals who are willing to develop their career will attempt to obtain an Australia Award. Australia cares for the Awardees and Alumni and they will help you become a better leader.

Any questions?

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