Meet Nigeria Alumni Ambassador – Chikezie Isiguzo

How have your studies in Australia impacted on your organization?

On return from Australia, my organization, the Central Bank of Nigeria, identified an immediate need in the Recruitment Office and deployed me there as a Manager. I joined a team of other professionals and brought along skills in database creation and administration, strategic planning and project management. I also managed the review of background check processes of new hires. Subsequently, in 2015 I was promoted and appointed to a new position as Fraud and Forensic Specialist in Banking and Supervision Department. This is a new role in the organization that is expected to redefine the entire spectrum of fraud policies and administration in Nigeria’s financial industry.

What development issues in Africa are you most concerned about and how are you contributing to addressing these issues?

I was confronted by the mistrust and general conception of Nigerians as fraudulent and corrupt during my study in Australia. While I know that the generalization is unfair, I chose to seek out opportunities within my organization to contribute in addressing this issue. I am also aware that no meaningful development will occur in Nigeria without eradicating both the practice of fraud and corruption in Nigeria and the conception of Nigerians as fraudulent and corrupt in the international community. This has informed my service as a Fraud and forensic specialist in Central Bank of Nigeria.

Nigeria Alumni Ambassador Chikezie Isiguzo, during his Masters in Australia

What was your most memorable experience in Australia?

Meeting the tutors and support staff at Carnegie Mellon University Adelaide (CMUA) was my most memorable experience; I was intrigued by the humility, diligence and drive exhibited by CMUA team.

Why should someone from Nigeria apply for an Australia Award?

Australia Awards are suitable for Nigerians because the two countries have many things in common and Nigeria has a lot to learn from Australia. The people, just as the weather are warm and the education is practical and awesome. Studying in Australia is worth the miles.

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