Refusing to set limits

Hauwa Danmadini, from Nigeria’s Bauchi State, is a living example of how disability needs not stand in the way of one’s ambitions.

Employed as a Senior Supervisor in the Department of Registration and Recognised Investment Exchanges at the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, Hauwa is studying towards a Masters of Finance and Business Economics at the University of Adelaide. Hauwa says that she has decided to go against the tide of a society that expects people with a disability to live a less-than-normal life.

“People living with a disability should not set limits for themselves, but should fully enjoy life’s benefits, including access to education,” she says.

Hauwa, a Australia Awards long-term Awardee, who finds her course practical and very relevant to her work, says she is enjoying living and studying in Adelaide.

“I appreciate the support I am receiving through Australia Awards and from the University’s Disability Liaison Officer. The support includes the University sourcing an alternative and accessible venue for me to sit for my examinations.

“Being awarded this scholarship is a great opportunity for me and I advise people with a disability to inform Australia Awards and their institution of their disability in order for them to access relevant services,” she says.

Thirteen of the 419 long-term Awardees for 2013 live with a disability. Australia Awards encourages people with a disability to apply for both long-term and Short Course awards.

Australia Awards aims to ensure that people with a disability are given a fair and equal opportunity to compete for and obtain a scholarship. Mechanisms are in place to support candidates requiring specific assistance.

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