Stephen Ithanzu brings farming to Nairobi inmates

Alumnus (Master of Science in Agriculture) Stephen Ithanzu, uses his Australia Awards knowledge and skills to gradually turn the 1000 acre prison farm in Nairobi, Kenya into a centre of excellence.

This unique project does not only contribute to food security and sustainability for the Prison Service, but at the same time earn government revenue and contributes to the rehabilitation of inmates.
Stephen works as Prison Farms Manager at Kamiti Medium Prison and on the Prisons’ farm for the Kenyan government.

The farm produces fresh vegetables for three prisons in Nairobi County as well as fair priced grafted fruits and afforestation seedlings for farmers in the region.

They use dams to initiate the irrigation of other crops and use prison labour as part of the inmates’ rehabilitation programs.

Since his take-over, Stephen has not only enhanced the existing farm activities, but also established more cost-effective ways for enhancing beef production and the utilisation of cattle for the Prison Service.

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