Making postal services in Liberia accessible and affordable nationwide

Zotawon D. Titus is a talented young professional with an admirable drive to advance the future of his home country, post-conflict Liberia. He obtained a Masters in Public Policy from Flinders University in 2012. Zotawon was able to start applying the new skills and knowledge gained in Australia midway through his studies when he visited Liberia and was asked by his employer, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, to prepare a National Postal Policy. Zotawon guided and worked with other staff members to develop a comprehensive policy document that outlined strategies to make postal services accessible and affordable nationwide. Formulated to provide strategic direction and to allow the Ministry to become a more competitive and efficient service provider, the policy is being validated to meet that objective.

“Acquiring a Masters degree has enhanced my capacity to significantly contribute to public sector reform in Liberia. I have acquired new insights, tools in policy making and other such values through the Public Policy program under the Australian Development Scholarships, which have prepared me to contribute more meaningfully to national development through public sector reform programs,” says Zotawon.

Upon returning in 2012, Zotawon was appointed Deputy Minister of Technical Services and is currently working with a broad range of stakeholders to ensure that telecommunications services are provided in underserved and in unserved areas that market forces do not cover.

On another front, Zotawon is actively involved in the effort to establish an Australia Development Awards Alumni Association in Liberia.

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